Success Profile Scope of role

We are a biotechnology startup, aiming to develop an Artificial Intelligence platform for Health Data. We gather combined Big Data on individuals’ health, including food consumption, exercise, sleep, and also clinically-provided data on medications, blood sugar, heart rate, and other hospital records. By analyzing this data utilizing Data Mining and Machine Learning algorithms, we will be able to promote a healthier life for our users. You will be a part of our Core AI technology group which aims to bind multiple information-gathering technologies together, in order to synchronize individual data, analyze it, and derive health-improving decisions for the individual. Core AI R&D is currently based in Israel, whereas the majority of the company’s business, product management, and computational biologics activity is based in China. You will be part of the company’s Core AI R&D efforts in China, working very closely with the Israeli R&D, reporting directly to the head of China R&D.

How you’ll succeed

You will participate hands-on in various health-related projects, develop analytical algorithms and write efficient implementations. You will be in contact with the company’s multiple technology R&D sites in China, US, and Israel, in order to learn the available technologies, data and tools, overcome technology gaps, and create the best possible products and technologies.

What it takes

• Proficiency in computer algorithms and related mathematical tools

• Profound proficiency in AI-related technologies and their applications

• Creative thinking capabilities

• Intercultural communication skills