iCarbonX Acquires Israeli AI Company and Sets up AI R&D Center in Israel

Shenzhen, China, and Tel Aviv, Israel. September 10, 2016 – iCarbonX, developer of the first data collection, biotechnology and artificial intelligence platform of lifetime data from millions of individuals, announced the establishment of iCarbonX-Israel and the acquisition of Imagu Vision Technologies, a privately-held Israeli image understanding and artificial intelligence company. Financial terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

“The acquisition of Imagu Vision Technologies fits perfectly into our innovation strategy,” said Dr. Jun Wang, CEO of iCarbonX. “We are developing a digital ecosystem wherein personalized health stewards serve as guides for living a healthy life, preventing diseases and improving medicine. This can only be created through joint efforts from the top biotechnology and artificial intelligence teams. Israel’s creative interdisciplinary culture, talent and entrepreneurial spirit make it the perfect location for iCarbonX’s global center for AI research and development.”

Founded in 2005, Tel Aviv-based Imagu Vision Technologies has developed cutting-edge image understanding technologies applied to various industries, such as healthcare, medical imaging, semiconductors, homeland security, and e-commerce. Imagu’s technology enables object recognition in multiple domains by combining knowledge from different worlds of content to solve complex object detection challenges.

Based on genetics, molecular profile, phenotype and behavior data from a large number of individuals, iCarbonX R&D alliances are designed to build a digitalized human model to understand individuals' life, predict future trends and infer suitable health-improving actions in a personalized and quantitative way. This will enable virtual robots to play a digital life managing role, sensing and delivering value to consumers in a "natural" way. In an attempt to understand how life works, the team has been recruiting talent from data science, including natural language processing, computer vision, applied mathematics, computational biology, data mining, machine learning, signal processing and cloud computing.

“We are proud and excited to join forces with Dr. Jun Wang and the iCarbonX team,” said Dr. Naomi Keren, Co-Founder of Imagu and newly appointed CEO of iCarbonX-Israel. “Together with our Chinese partners, we have established iCarbonX-Israel in order to continue the development of advanced data analysis and machine learning technologies that are specifically aimed at improving global health. While working towards this vision we will be partnering and collaborating with leading researchers, healthcare providers, biotechnology and medical device companies.”

Elizabeth Chen and Ami Dror are the founders of the China-Israel Innovation Fellowship where Dr. Wang and Dr. Keren met earlier this year. “The fellowship was created to foster trust between business leaders in China and Israel,” noted Ms. Chen. “This trust is the only way to marry China's global vision with Israel's raw innovation power.” “We hope this is just the first of many joint efforts between our Chinese and Israeli fellows,” added Dror, “It is amazing to see our vision translate so quickly into reality.”

In addition to Dr. Keren, iCarbonX-Israel will be led by Dr. Mor Amitai, Co-Founder and CEO of Imagu Vision Technologies. “Over the past several years, we have had the privilege of successfully applying our image understanding technology to biological and medical imaging,” said Dr. Amitai. “We are excited to leverage our experience and expertise to realize iCarbonX’s vision of creating a digital life based on the integration of artificial intelligence and biological, behavioral, psychological and demographic data. iCarbonX-Israel is working to analyze global medical data in order to develop multiple AI components in the fields of computational biology, signal processing and natural language processing. The company aims to expand its team and recruit Israel’s top AI professionals so as to create actionable diagnostics and preventive medicine capabilities as early as 2017.”



About iCarbonX

Founded in October 2015, iCarbonX aims to build an ecosystem of digital life based on a combination of an individual’s biological, behavioral and psychological data, the Internet and artificial intelligence. The management team has deep experience in omics technology, mobile health, medical service, biological data analysis, artificial intelligence and data mining.  Based on a growing digital life network, together with the world's leading partners, we plan to interpret and study your digital life to provide personalized products and services for a healthier and better life. For more information, please visit: www.icarbonx.com