iCarbonX and Ecosystem Partners Launch the Meum™ Platform: Caring for Everyone's Extraordinary Life

Shenzhen, China. January 5, 2017 – At the first Digital Life Summit, Meum™ has been officially released to the public, which is the digital health management platform built by iCarbonX and its digital life ecosystem partners.


iCarbonX founder and CEO, Dr. Jun Wang, explained this brand new digital health management platform. He indicated that Meum™ revealed infinite possibilities for an individual and provided personalized solutions to realize these possibilities. Dr. Wang said that Meum™ can manage one’s life with data, helping every single person know himself/herself from the inside out with a multi-dimensional, deep understanding about his/her body. This helps people understand the present, foresee the future, and explore different possibilities influenced by corresponding current activities, thus providing an individual with assisted choices preparing for his/her desired future self.

In the Meum™ world, you can experience digital life detection packages with multiple levels of accuracy, and be informed of different indicators under various health conditions. Based on this real-time information, you will be provided health management applications, with multiple, precise and personalized solutions for activities like beauty and skincare, exercise and training, weight management and the like.


The Meum™ platform is supported by a database that combines genetics, molecular profiles, phenotype and behavior data, among other indexes, as well as their time serial interactions.

Moreover, the Meum™ platform connects digital lives between people and also helps each individual through sharing, comparing and feedback. The platform also improves itself automatically by self studying, which enables it to gain knowledge and better assist users. For partners such as health solutions providers, the Meum™ platform promotes user value, identifies users precisely, achieves digital and personalized transformation of products and improves user influence.


For the Meum™ platform, two companies from the iCarbonX ecosystem—SomaLogic and HealthTell—offer key proprietary technologies of proteomics and immunomics sequencing, respectively, and will perform high-throughput omics detection, as well as auxiliary diagnosis through custom chips.

(Founder and Chairman of SomaLogic, Larry Gold)

(CEO of HealthTell, Bill Colston)


For data analysis and management, data from 500,000 patients will be provided by PatientsLikeMe. In addition, the Israeli AI company, Imagu Vision Technologies, will support corresponding analysis technologies with adept image recognition and machine learning technology.

(Vice President of PatientsLikeMe, Paul Wicks)

(Founder and Chairman of PatientsLikeMe, James Heywood)

(Co-Founder of Imagu Vision Technologies, Naomi Keren)


Personalized beauty and skincare products will be offered by AOBiome, which has distinctive biological analysis technology of the skin micro biome. 

(President of AOBiome, Todd Krueger)

(CEO of GALT, Peter Christey)

(CEO of Robustnique, Chunyang Zheng)

The Meum™ platform will continue to recruit potential business partners and infrastructure service providers to create more personalized solution services driven by life data. Moreover, it will open simultaneously with the recruitment platform for science and medical research, making use of multi-dimensional mass life data to perform unprecedented research with incredible convenience.


In the near future, scientists, suppliers and facilitators will unite with the public more tightly in order to promote rapid development of science, technology and industrial applications in the business model of data flow.



About iCarbonX 

Founded in October 2015, iCarbonX aims to build an Internet-based ecosystem of digital life based on artificial intelligence and a combination of an individual’s biological, behavioral and psychological data. The founding team includes the world’s top biotechnology experts, who have a wealth of experience in omics technology, mobile medical, medical service, biological data analysis, artificial intelligence and data mining. With a rapidly growing global foundation and in cooperation with the world’s leading partners, iCarbonX is devoted to interpreting, studying, guiding and managing the digital life, and providing personalized products and services for people to lead a healthier new life. For more information, visit icarbonx.com.