German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited iCarbonX

Shenzhen, China, May 25, 2018 - German Chancellor Angela Merkel came to China again, and took time out of her busy schedule for a flight to Shenzhen and a special visit to a Chinese company, iCarbonX.


Mrs. Merkel was warmly welcomed by the management team led by the founder of iCarbonX, Jun Wang. Accompanied by Wang and his team, the chancellor visited the headquarters of iCarbonX in Shenzhen. During her visit, Wang presented in detail the global picture of digital life, and how AI works on massive big data of life and provides consumers with customized health solutions.


According to Wang, human life is a sophisticated system. Apart from genes, real-time changes in a person’s metabolism, the condition of his or her immune system, the environment for microorganisms, and even daily habits like diet and exercise are constantly intertwined with each other, affecting the health eventually. What iCarbonX is doing is to integrate all of these multidimensional data of life into a powerful digital platform of health management. This platform will help people manage their health better by searching the data for new signals about health, disease and aging.


Mrs. Merkel approved of the enterprise iCarbonX is undertaking and its significance for human health in the long run. She also commended on the team led by Jun Wang exploring the frontiers of life and health with creativity.


During her visit, Mrs. Merkel showed great interest in the intelligent health monitoring system on display and watched the presentation of devices including the smart mirror. This ordinary-looking mirror can not only capture body measurements including height, shoulder width and waist in real time, but also monitor changes in body shape in the long term. It is truly a virtual fitness instructor that makes a customized workout plan based on genetic and fitness data.

The intelligent monitoring product that fascinated the chancellor is the main component of “Digital Life SmartLiving” which is developing by iCarbonX. The core of this product is a human health evaluation system based on path-breaking biotechnology and AI development. This system collect data from IoT devices like intelligent furniture, body composition monitor, etc., and analyze them. This way it helps users improve their daily habits and provides them with customized health management services.


Before this, Mrs. Merkel visited different provinces of China to catch up on the latest trends in China’s development on the spot and exchanged ideas with the younger generation in China. Among all the places, Shenzhen has a special meaning to the chancellor. Known as “China’s Silicon Valley”, this is a city with the highest density of innovative industries. In addition, Shenzhen has embraced a number of German companies and therefore wins her favor.


It is said that during her 5-hour stay in Shenzhen, iCarbonX is the only one Chinese company Mrs. Merkel visited.


Mrs. Merkel also expressed considerable interest in iCarbonX’s global strategy. Given the leading role of China-Germany relations in the development of China-EU relations, the chancellor’s special trip to Shenzhen this time indicates a consensus between Germany and China about “innovation and development”.

About iCarbonX

Founded in October 2015, iCarbonX is the global pioneer in digital health management, and is building an ecosystem of digital life based on a combination of an individual's life data, the Internet and artificial intelligence. The company’s leadership has deep experience in omics technology, medical service, biological data analysis, artificial intelligence and data mining. In April, 2016, iCarbonX finished its Series A financing led by Tencent, and its post investment value is in excess of $1 billion USD. Based on a growing digital life network, we plan to interpret and study consumer's digital life to provide customized products and services for a healthier and better life.