iCarbonX Partners with OP Financial and DaChan Food to Deploy Precision Nutrition Industry

Shenzhen, Sept. 11, 2018 – The biotech unicorn iCarbonX Group Limited (iCarbonX), today announced that OP iCarbonX Investment Limited, the JV established by iCarbonX and the leading cross-border and cross-sector investment company, OP Financial Limited ("OP Financial" or "the Company", stock code: 1140.HK), entered into a series of cooperation agreements with the wholly subsidiary of DaChan Food (Asia) Limited ("DaChan Food", stock code: 3999.HK). They will jointly establish a JV named Better Me Precision Nutrition Limited ("Better Me"). Better Me will make dynamic and intelligent analysis of members' life data based on the biotechnology, big data and artificial intelligence technology, combining the experience and advantages of the healthy food research and development, production and catering operation management, to develop into a leading precision nutrition catering solution provider.


Integration among industry, finance and technology, responding to precision nutrition and consumption upgrade

The close integration among traditional industries, financial capital and high technology has become an irresistible trend. iCarbonX takes advantage of its capabilities in biotechnology and artificial intelligence and cooperates with industry leader to jointly consolidate the industries with great growth potential, thus achieving cross-border integration and collaboration. Better Me will integrate superior resources provided by OP Financial, DaChan Food and iCarbonX to provide customized precision nutrition catering solution. The product and service provided by Better Me are well responsive to China's National Nutrition Plan and fulfilling the customers' demand for consumption upgrade, especially precision nutrition and precision healthcare.


In specific, relying on the support of biotechnology and artificial intelligence provided by iCarbonX, Better Me will customize and test the core detection indicators according to customers' demand for precision nutrition, so as to develop the personal nutrition analysis report as well as provide personalized catering solutions. Besides, based on APP and Mini-programs, Better Me could provide the member with continuous tracking and regular assessment to enhance its precision nutrition catering solution. At the same time, Better Me will further consolidate animal protein products to leverage the full industry chain advantages of DaChan Food in raw material procurement, product research and development, supply chain management and complete sales channels. Thus, Better Me could transform the precision nutrition catering solution into nutritious and delicious food, and conduct online and offline marketing, forming an industrial closed loop.


Adopt precision nutrition membership and target to accumulate over one million members in three years

DaChan Food has been operating Better Me series product for over two years and has accumulated a large number of customers, laying a good foundation for precision nutrition product marketing and member development in the future. Better Me targets to accumulate over one million precision nutrition members in three years and mainly focuses on white-collars and fitness enthusiasts who pay more attention to nutrition, health and fitness. The member could use Better Me precision nutrition APP and Mini-programs to purchase customized nutrition catering solution and relevant products, and receive the products via various channels, including food delivery service, cold chain transportation, and the offline partners like gym and new retail supermarket.


Jun Wang, Founder and CEO of iCarbonX, said: "Since was founded, iCarbonX has always committed to building a customer-centric platform of healthcare data and an artificial intelligence engine, so as to provide precision health management services to consumers. Precision nutrition has always been one of the key fields which we are focusing on, and it’s also an important part of building the digital life ecosystem. iCarbonX has faith both in the advantages of DaChan Food in healthy food research and development, production and catering operation management and the capabilities of OP Financial in capital operation and resource integration. We believe that the three companies will be able to create unprecedented value.


About OP Financial Limited

OP Financial Limited (1140.HK) is a cross-border and cross-sector investment company that listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. OP Financial has strong capability of investment, financing and industry consolidation, while its investment portfolios cover many listed and unlisted company across geographies and industries. According to the investment cycle, OP Financial builds cross-cycle portfolios with long-term core holding companies, medium-term private equity and venture capital funds and short-term arbitrage project, which are tailored to create steady returns for the shareholders.


About DaChan Food (Asia) Limited

DaChan Food (Asia) Limited (3999.HK) is a leading fully integrated animal protein product provider whose products range from feeds, poultry and advanced nutritional formulas for aquatic animals to processed foods. DaChan Food has built up highly competitive reputation and brand awareness in the market. As a company integrating the entire food production chain, DaChan Food adopts the safe supply chain for protein food, strict and high standard of quality control and traceability system, making it maintain a stable and long-standing relationship with nationally and internationally renowned customers. DaChan Food is KFC's designated chicken supplier in China and one of the designated suppliers of the exclusive purchasing agent of McDonald's in China. It is also the Chinese quality chicken product exporters designated by Japan's ITO Yokado and 7-Eleven chain convenience stores.


About iCarbonX Group Limited

Founded in October 2015, iCarbonX is the global pioneer in digital health management and aims to build an ecosystem of digital life based on a combination of an individual's life data, the Internet and artificial intelligence. The leadership has deep experience in omics technology, medical service, biological data analysis, artificial intelligence and data mining, etc. April, 2016, iCarbonX finished its Series A financing led by Tencent. The post investment value reaches $1 billion. Based on a growing digital life network, we plan to interpret and study consumer's digital life to provide customized products and services for a healthier and better life.